Angel's Secret Eau de Toilette

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Volume: 100 ml.
Family: Floral

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Each angel has its own secrets. He hides them from everyone, hiding them in the air wings. Every girl wants to know his secrets. Dilis has revealed the secret of the angel. The gentle and exciting aroma of Angel’s Secret gently envelops and does not let go of its embrace all day.

Fresh top notes evoke a good mood and give way to a refined floral composition. The softness and extraordinary depth of Angel’s Secret spreads with a pleasant and long aftertaste, leaving behind a carved woody trail.
This fragrance does not tolerate denim clothing, sports shoes and simple T-shirts.

There is a claim in it that needs to be met, because an angel must have his own unique image. This fragrance will emphasize the elegance and beauty of a classic outfit. Memorable and bright, it will become part of your image, reveal your natural personality and style. It is by this fragrance that colleagues and friends will recognize you.

Opening notes

Green tea, Lemon

Heart notes

Water flowers, Jasmine, Pion

Plume notes

Woody notes, Patchouli
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