ATLANTICA Alpha Eau de toilette & Omega

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Volume: 100 ml.
Family: Oriental wine glasses

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A concise and unexpected unisex fragrance, for those who are not afraid of risk and outrage. The struggle of opposites, the daily change of roles and a fragrance suitable for any image are components of your lifestyle. Yesterday a passionate lover, today a mad dreamer. Who will you appear before the world tomorrow? Nobody knows that. But the whole city will be at the feet of someone who is not afraid to show their emotions. In Alpha & Omega from the Atlantica men’s line, bright melon combined with black currant in the initial notes of the fragrance makes you freeze for a second and listen to understand where this non-trivial fruit mix will lead. It gradually moves from warm to colder shades. Water notes, juicy and ornate, become the center of the composition. The fragrance acquires freshness and ease. The complex composition of ALPHA & OMEGA will reveal itself imperiously and piercingly on the skin, exposing all the passion and categorical character.

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