Dilis Classic Collection Perfume No.34

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Volume: 30 ml.
Family: Floral

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A resident of a noisy metropolis. Independent and successful, she manages to work hard, it’s interesting to relax and at the same time look flawless. How does she do it? It’s a secret. And one of its components is the Dilis Classic Collection No. 34 fragrance, which fascinates with its naturalness and expressiveness.
The refreshing citrus lightness of mandarin, lemon and orange gives purity and reveals itself in the delicate and sensual heart notes of rose, jasmine and violet. Romance, mystery and magnetism are intertwined in them. And the finishing touch is a trail of woody cedar chords and a warm musk accent. He adds a pinch of mystery and sultry to the composition. This fragrance is created for a modern girl with a bright personality. It is never boring with her – she has a positive attitude to life and is used to taking everything from her. She combines audacity and gentleness, passion and charm in her character.

Opening notes

Orange, Lemon, Mandarin

Heart notes

Jasmine, Rose, Violet

Plume notes

Cedar, Musk
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