Dilis Classic Collection Perfume No.38

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Volume: 30 ml.
Family: Floral

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The bright day of your solo concert will be remembered for a long time. There will be recognition and success ahead, but for now… You mentally count to five and go on stage, bathed in honey light. Thousands of eyes are fixed on you. You smile, touch the keys and start playing. Bright and convincing.

As only a woman who is absolutely confident in the expressiveness of her art can do. A woman who realizes the secret power of her charm. And at some point, the beautiful music is filled with an unheard-of warm and life-affirming fragrance. Honey symphony with a rose tone and a bitterness of ginger. “She’s beautiful!” they whisper in the stalls. And it seems that on the stage, on your hair and wrists, the tenderest rose petals fly off and pour down…

Tart and exciting ginger with warm orange in the opening notes. The floral tenderness of roses and jasmine is in the heart. And finally, a sweet honey chord. Transparent amber, with woody echoes of sandalwood in an amazing train. This music lasts a long time. And then – applause. As a thank you for the sincerity and warmth of the new fragrance Dilis Classic Collection No. 38.

Opening notes

Orange, Ginger

Heart notes

Jasmine, Rose

Plume notes

Honey, Sandalwood
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