Le Grand Bleu Eau de toilette

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Volume: 100 ml.
Family: Wood wine glasses

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Impetuous, rebellious, domineering, always achieving his goal, he goes ahead, knocking down all obstacles in his path, being confident in what he is doing. A real man consists of passions, strength, will and a strong character. He is calm, charismatic, has a sense of humor and knows the value of details.

His choice is Le Grand Bleu, eau de toilette, which perfectly emphasizes the strength of character, impetuosity and nobility. The energetic beginning of this fragrance with notes of ginger and labdanum passes in a balanced way to a confident citrus freshness and cooling mint chords, which, like a gust of wind, touch the heated cheek.

The seductive masculinity of the train with peppery and cedar notes makes you feel the power and attractiveness of this fragrance. Having tried Le Grand Bleu once, a man remains faithful to him forever.

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