Mary Ann Powder Perfume Water

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Volume: 75 ml.
Family: Oriental floral

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Every morning Mary Ann spends a lot of time at the dressing table, skillfully cutting off natural beauty with gentle makeup. Creating the perfect image is accompanied by light brush strokes and a powdery “cosmetic” fragrance, which inspired the perfumer to the idea of Powder perfume water.

It had to be special, subtle, delicate, “nude”, with a light trail of vanilla, sandalwood and white musk. The perfumer associated the image of Mary Ann with freshness, so in the top notes we can easily hear pineapple, raspberry, coconut and a light, but so necessary for this cocktail, a note of yellow mandarin.

The heart of the fragrance is dedicated to flowers: jasmine, rose, lily of the valley and freesia – only they were able to convey the innocent purity of the girl, which the perfumer wanted to reflect in his creation.

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