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Volume: 75 ml.
Family: Floral fruit

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The perfumer fell in love with the image of Mary Ann at first sight. He couldn’t help but reflect her amazing features in his work. The image of the girl was so unique and contradictory that it can only be conveyed with the help of the most unexpected and unusual combinations.

The perfumer was not afraid of the task set before him and took up the creation of the fragrance. The composition opens with a juicy berry accord of ripe raspberries, gradually yielding the leading role to the rich, but at the same time delicate floral fragrance of scarlet rose, which creates an interesting bouquet together with dizzying jasmine.

Spicy, languid hazelnut is seasoned with warm honey, which lures into its nets and does not let go until the end.
Oriental sandalwood paired with woody chords of cedar and cashmere create a refined trail that you can’t just let go: you want to follow it, forgetting about everything.

Opening notes


Heart notes

Jasmine, Rose

Plume notes

Honey, Cedar, Sandalwood, Spicy notes
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