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Volume: 50 ml.
Family: Floral

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Moonlight is inspired by the night luminary – the moon, whose silvery rays give the whole surrounding world a special mystery and mystery, decorating everything around with a scattering of shiny particles.

The sound of the Moonlight fragrance begins with a delightful, moon—like, cool aroma of citrus fruits – mandarin and orange, in the sound of which, like stars, bright fruity notes of pear are interwoven. Gradually, through the coolness of the initial notes, a floral accord of lily of the valley, magnolia and rose, framed by soft notes of sandalwood, emerges and gains strength.

It completes the velvety, like moon shadows, aromatic trail, woven with their sweet–spicy motifs of musk, vanilla, tonka bean and amber.

Opening notes

Mandarin, Orange, Pear

Heart notes

Lily, Magnolia, Rose, Sandalwood

Plume notes

Musk, Vanilla, Tonka beans, Ambergris

Crazy about this fragrance. Valeria. 29.11.2023

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