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Volume: 100 ml.
Family: Woody spicy

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Every man dreams of achieving certain heights. Respect, career, expensive car, own house – these are the dreams of a purposeful man. He strives to reach the top, to be elegant, bold and decisive. It’s easy if he has the flavor of One in his allies.

Explosive red orange and peppermint excite and awaken the imagination, cinnamon notes gently envelop, preparing for an unimaginable trail of leather notes. Agree, to wear such a fragrance, you need to be a confident person. One transforms a man, making him feel stronger, more successful and more attractive.

This fragrance emphasizes the importance of the owner, revealing his male charisma. He has the power to create an image of a successful person in all respects.

Opening notes

Mint, Red Orange

Heart notes

Rose, Cinnamon

Plume notes

Skin, Ambergris
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