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Volume: 100 ml.
Family: Floral fruit

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Sexy Twenty is one of the most cheerful and bright compositions in the La Vie line. It has intrigue, there is a game, there is mischief, sexuality and youth. All the main components of happiness are gathered together, creating the right mood, allowing you to feel desired and beautiful.

The gentle and persistent notes of berries turn the aroma into a vitamin cocktail, which you need to take daily in the morning, intending to accomplish the feat of conquering another man. A little later, a thin peony and a delicate violet are revealed on the skin, making it clear that romance and sexuality are hidden behind all this mischief.

The final chord, which is responsible for the warmth and harmony of a rich composition, is musk. This fragrance is categorically shown to those who know that youth is an undeniable advantage!

Opening notes

Grapefruit, Strawberry, Black currant

Heart notes

Lily, Lily, Pion, Violet

Plume notes

Vanilla, Cashmere wood, Musk
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