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Volume: 100 ml.
Family: Citrus wine glasses

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The rays of the setting sun slowly glide across the water. You are sitting on the shore, at the foot of a waterfall. Majestic and unstoppable, falling down, it crumbles into billions of multicolored splashes. The cool, invigorating touch of the drops brought by the wind — like an interweaving of mint and lemon — beckons with freshness and coolness.

Having felt the particles of this invigorating energy, I so want to surrender to it completely, to absorb the power and perfection of water. Tart sage seems to whisper: go ahead! There are no borders — there is only the unknown! Another second — and you dive into the clear water…

Coming to the surface, enjoying the amazing refreshing feeling of novelty, you notice it. Carried away by the wafting scent of vetiver and ambroxan, a beautiful stranger is sitting on the shore and smiling playfully. Has she been watching you for a long time? It seems that this unusual story will have a sequel…

Opening notes

Lemon, Mint

Heart notes


Plume notes

Vetiver, Ambroxan
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