Steelman Zone Eau de Toilette

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Volume: 100 ml.
Family: Citrus wine glasses

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Traditions are passed down from generation to generation. Knowledge, experience, style and affections pass from father to son. Steelman Zone is just about them, about family traditions and attachments. Pure masculine fragrance, in which there is no hint of unisex, has classic notes of men’s perfume.

Spicy lemon and spicy rosemary are piercingly revealed on the skin, oak moss and tonka beans are responsible for the “earthy” notes of the fragrance. The Steelman Zone man is brutal and sincere, he is active and has a commitment to traditions.

Following fashion is not his element, he knows exactly what suits him, knows how to be gallant and remains a little old–fashioned in relationships. The cool, metallic-tinged fragrance is created for a strong man standing firmly on his feet.

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