Twee Ocean Toilet Water

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Volume: 50 ml.
Family: Floral woody musky

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Today is a new day for experimentation: spectacular makeup with bright arrows and an emphasis on the eyes, a stylish image and a special fragrance from the Twee Ocean perfume line, which will emphasize the rebellious spirit with bright notes of red fruits, peach and add a little spice to it with notes of pepper and lemon.

That’s what you strive to be – mysterious and contradictory. The very heart of the fragrance will draw the delicate feminine lines of your nature with the sound of lily of the valley, lily and caramel.

Having felt the comfort zone, you become yourself, plunging into a trail of languid notes of amber, vanilla and white musk.

Opening notes

Red fruits, Lemon, Pepper, Peach

Heart notes

Caramel, Lily, Lily

Plume notes

Ambergris, White musk, Vanilla, Sandalwood
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