Virtual Sense Eau de Toilette

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Volume: 100 ml.
Family: Floral woody musky

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Somewhere here, the beautiful Aphrodite emerged from the depths of the sea, and Greek masters painted ceramics with geometric patterns. They were surrounded by the sun, sand and bright greenery, for inspiration they only needed to look around. Boundless freedom and a feeling of lightness is the first touch of the Virtual Sense fragrance.

A fragrance that gives unforgettable emotions and inspiration. There is only you and a few components of the fragrance, composed in a harmonious composition. In addition to figs, jasmine and sandalwood, it has all the power of the sea element with its salty splashes, solar reflections, bright grains of sand.

Virtual Sense is simply part of nature. The almost electric sensuality of this fragrance is transmitted to the owner, making her feel like a real goddess, to whom all eyes are turned.

Opening notes

Bergamot, Fig, Mandarin

Heart notes

Jasmine, Cardamom, Lily

Plume notes

Cedar, Musk, Olive tree, Sandalwood
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