Privacy policy

DILIS COSMETICS CJSC pays special attention to the processing, confidentiality and security of your personal data.

The purpose of this document is to provide you with clear, simple and complete information about:

  • how do we process the personal data that you transmit to us or the data that we may collect when you navigate through our website;
  • how can this data be transferred to third parties;
  • and about your rights and opportunities to control your personal information and protect privacy.

1. What is personal data

Personal data is any information about a certain natural person or an individual that can be directly or indirectly identified using an identification number or one or more specific elements related to it, such as surname and first name, telephone, email, client number, etc.

2. When we may collect your personal data

We may collect your personal data when you:

  • interact with our Company through its official social media page, or when we offer to reuse the content published by you on social networks;
  • contact our Customer Service;
  • do you send requests to our Company for information;
  • do you take part in events that we organize;
  • you navigate the Internet using cookies or similar technologies or click on the advertising links of our products.

3. What personal data we may collect

As part of the services we provide, we may need to obtain some data directly from you using electronic forms on our website or paper media in some stores.

The information we may collect includes:

  • Identification data;
  • Your contact details (for example, email address);
  • Your personal preferences in terms of the products we sell or our website (language);
  • Information that you can transmit to our Customer Service;
  • Specific health data in case you notify us of undesirable side effects related to our products;

Finally, we may collect information regarding the use of our website, especially in terms of your navigation (pages visited, links used, etc.). Some of this data may be collected using cookies placed in your browser when you navigate through our website.

4. For what purposes we collect and use your personal data

DILIS COSMETICS CJSC processes your personal data in order to:

  • keep records of purchases made in our stores;
  • manage the relationship with the client, taking into account any requests or complaints that the client may send through our website, Customer Service or social media pages;
  • manage the loyalty program;
  • monitor and take into account any warnings that you may send to us as part of our obligations to ensure constant vigilance in the field of cosmetics production;
  • manage and optimize the user experience by improving our customer knowledge;
  • to offer suitable customized services, especially in the process of improving our products and services;
  • conduct statistical analysis to improve management, measurement and reporting tools in order to adjust and improve sales, marketing policy and product production;
  • with your consent – to send you information about our offers, news and events through the communication channel you have chosen.

5. Who receives your personal data

Your personal data is processed by employees of DILIS COSMETICS CJSC. We guarantee that only authorized personnel of DILIS COSMETICS CJSC have access to your personal data when it is necessary to manage our commercial relationships or fulfill our legal obligations.

We may also share your personal data:

  • to other subsidiaries of DILIS COSMETICS CJSC;
  • other divisions of DILIS COSMETICS CJSC, and some of these divisions act as data processing operators;

subcontractors, such as:

  • to providers of website hosting and technical support services and providers of solutions for the collection of electronic personal data in our stores;
  • marketing service providers;
  • service providers in the field of sales forecasting and social media communications;
  • to service providers in the field of customer service;
  • suppliers of services for processing warnings related to the production of cosmetic products;
  • event management service providers;

Finally, DILIS COSMETICS CJSC may need to transfer your personal data to third parties in order to fulfill legal, regulatory or contractual obligations, or at the request of competent authorities.

6. How long do we store your data

The data retention periods determined by DILIS COSMETICS CJSC comply with the recommendations and/or legal obligations of the NPA of the Republic of Belarus.

7. What are your rights and how can you use them

According to the current legal norms of the Republic of Belarus, you have the right to access and correct your personal data, the right to request their deletion, the right to refuse processing on legal grounds and the right to restrict or transfer data to another system to the extent possible.

You can exercise these rights by contacting DILIS COSMETICS CJSC directly by sending an email to with the attachment of an identity document.

If you no longer want to receive information about our offers, news and events, you can unsubscribe from this service at any time by using the hyperlink placed for this purpose at the end of each of our e-mails sent to your address.

You can also file a complaint with the supervisory authority.