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Immerse yourself in the world of exquisite fragrances with our perfume set consisting of five fragrances from the Dilis Classic Collection, embodying the centuries-old traditions of perfumery art. The Discovery Set is able to envelop you with magic and give you unforgettable emotions. Each edition in our fragrance set is a special attention to detail, preservation of traditions and a reflection of genuine femininity.
Volume: 5 x 9 ml.

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Discover the first fragrance of the set

Dilis Classic Collection № 16– a sensual and sophisticated floral bouquet combining notes of lilac, peach blossom, peony and musk. Give yourself a moment of joy and lightness.

Immerse yourself in the world of perfumery with the second fragrance set

Dilis Classic Collection № 19– a captivating combination of apple freshness and peppery notes, the softness of floral and woody chords. Feel desirable and attractive.

The third flavor of the Discovery Set

Dilis Classic Collection № 21– carefree and light, with silky mint notes, a delicate bouquet of velvety flowers and the brightness of peppery notes. Dissolve into the embrace of relaxation, harmony and transparency.

The fourth fragrance in the Discovery Set

Dilis Classic Collection № 30– It is a playful and confident fragrance with bright notes of kiwi, red currant, jasmine and watermelon. Emphasize your femininity and seductiveness.

The fifth fragrance in the Discovery Set

Dilis Classic Collection № 46– a refined and delicate fragrance with a citrus start and a soft velvety floral heart. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of sensuality and elegance.

The perfume set will be a wonderful gift that can delight any connoisseur of the art of perfumery, and the case will emphasize the luxury of every detail. Don’t miss the opportunity to get to know our best fragrances and embark on a true journey through the Dilis Classic Collection.

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