Dilis Classic Collection Perfume No.21

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Volume: 30 ml.
Family: Floral watermarks

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You no longer need to pack your bags, check your documents, be afraid of being late for a flight and fly thousands of kilometers in search of rest, impressions, unity with nature. In the world of high technology, you can move from one place to another with just a few mouse clicks.

The more pleasant it is to feel the joyful tremor again and again from touching real fragrances that cannot be replaced by pictures on the monitor. Dilis Classic Collection No. 21 has absorbed all the freshness of the water element and shares it without a trace. It is as pure as water itself, transparent and light. Its beginning uniquely combines such delicate, almost silky notes of mint and lilac, permeated with a thin but distinct thread of violet and pepper notes.

Their interweaving is so elegant and harmonious that it is perceived as a single whole, creating a vivid picture of the fragrance. A noble vanilla train with cedar notes is a worthy completion of the composition.

Opening notes

Mandarin, Mint, Lilac bush, Reed

Heart notes

Amaryllis, Water Lily, Pepper, Peach, Rose, Violet

Plume notes

Vanilla, Cedar
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