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Volume: 30 ml.
Family: Oriental floral

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Dilis Classic Collection No. 45 perfume is the epitome of confidence, playful mood and seductive glamour. Sparkling with a sense of celebration, the oriental floral fragrance makes the first impression through a combination of bright fruity notes of velvety peach and sweet, slightly woody, mandarin and orange chords.

The continuation of the celebration sounds in the enchanting notes of the hypnotic red lily, which form the basis of the composition. Over time, the fragrance opens up and remains a warm, enveloping trail of vanilla, reminiscent of early morning, after a prolonged party. This perfume is an ideal accessory for a modern, active woman who knows how to relax and enjoy every day.

Opening notes

Peach, Mandarin, Orange

Heart notes

Red line

Plume notes

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