Dilis Classic Collection Perfume No.13

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Volume: 30 ml.
Family: Floral fruit

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The story of Snow White has a romantic and happy ending. The bright apple, almost destroying the princess, became fateful and led her to the throne and the love of the brave prince. The apple tempts. Ripe, sweet, juicy – it is the embodiment of desire. No wonder so many legends and stories are connected with it.

The light fruit composition Dilis Classic Collection No. 13 is based precisely on a ripe apple, dense, ready to crack at any moment under the onslaught of its juicy pulp. The fresh aroma of fruits in Dilis Classic Collection No. 13 gives a unique concentration of bright chords and powerful notes.

The weightless apple-cedar train, tremulously opening, remains a thin veil on clothes and hair, like the haze of an apple orchard in the midday heat, forcing you to be transported straight into summer.

Opening notes

Lemon, Lime

Heart notes

Green Apple, Pion, Praline

Plume notes

Apple tree, Cedar, Musk
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