Dilis Classic Collection Perfume No.17

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Volume: 30 ml.
Family: Floral chypre

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Universality is not always boredom and facelessness, it is rather an incredible balance and harmony. Being suitable for day and night, for coolness and heat is a unique quality that is appreciated in our world. Dilis Classic Collection No. 17 has exactly this advantage.

The dazzling notes of mimosa and jasmine in this fragrance are enveloped in the soft velvet of the Turkish rose, which flows gently and muted. Is it possible to call this composition magical if it conquers from year to year and does not get tired of surprising with its perfection? Of course you can.

Dilis Classic Collection No. 17, having become a classic at birth, takes on the role of an accent in the image, emphasizes the inner beauty and femininity of the owner and creates a romantic atmosphere around her. He does not need a reason or a reason, just a desire to feel the fragrance on himself.

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