Dilis Classic Collection Perfume No.19

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Volume: 30 ml.
Family: Floral woody musky

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Femininity has three beginnings: passion, sensuality and elegance. Together they create a unique image of a desirable and attractive woman who causes delight and admiration. You can dose, dilute or concentrate one of the principles, but you should never forget that all three must be present in your appearance and manner of behavior.

Dilis Classic Collection No. 19 combines the freshness of an apple, the passion of peppery notes and the softness of floral chords that envelop with gentle, tempting embraces. An elegant sandalwood train, translucent, slender and almost weightless, adds sensuality to the female image.

This velvety and lyrical fragrance is not devoid of charm and coquetry, thanks to the playful notes of violet and jasmine. Composition Classic Collection No. 19 is the quintessence of femininity.

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