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Volume: 75 ml.
Family: Woody fruit trees

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Women appreciate confident men who know what they want from this life and how to achieve it. He comes without warning, threatening to reveal secrets and true desires. This classic basic chord emphasizes the embodiment of the masculine principle.

The coolness of the black currant leaves and the juiciness of the red fruits set the core of the fragrance, reflecting the green notes of the apple. The train, combining the warmth of geranium, notes of sweet patchouli and smoky woody vetiver, hovers in the air for a long time, emphasizing the individuality and sexuality of its owner.

The woody-fruity fragrance FENOMENE Adept is an energetic and complex fragrance that hides mineral rigor and woody roughness, similar to the inaccessibility of a mountain range. This force attracts and conquers like an invisible magnet, filling every corner of space with its unique energy.

Opening notes

Apple, Black currant, Red fruits

Heart notes

Geranium, Lavender, Plum

Plume notes

Dry wood, Patchouli, Vetiver
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