Blue Aqua Eau de toilette

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Volume: 100 ml.
Family: Oriental wine glasses

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Every man has his own theory of seduction. You can give preference to a classic suit or “casual” style, mysteriously keep silent or joke at every opportunity. Everyone chooses their own behavior.

But a real seducer knows that it’s not enough to be sociable or mysterious, you need to think through your image to the smallest detail. It is they who make a man’s image thoughtful, make women turn around after you, are remembered and make your image whole. And the fragrance is not in the last place on this list.

BLUE AQUA is the freshness and luxury of blue mint and sweet melon, the warmth and contrast of cappuccino and sea water, as well as the sensuality of woody notes. A chic fragrance, a little vicious, sensual and bright. It is simply impossible to resist such a composition!

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