Sweet & Hot Perfume Water

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Volume: 75 ml.
Family: Floral fruit

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A dream has come true – you and your loved one are in a picturesque exotic country, on the ocean. Amazing nature, perfect weather, sweet fruits and hot sun is a journey that will never be forgotten. I want to be frivolous, in love, enjoy warmth, new sensations and fantastic landscapes.

Your summer mood, full of temptations, will harmoniously complement the audacity of the floral and fruity fragrance Sweet & Hot. Citrus notes are mixed with mango and pamper with tenderness, and a cocktail of lotus, water lily, raspberry and star apple will add freshness and sensuality.

The chords of musk, sandalwood and coconut give sweetness and awaken passion. This is a fragrance for the free and bold, for those who love life and know how to enjoy it.

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