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Volume: 100 ml.
Family: Wood wine glasses

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This fragrance gives self-confidence, calmness and harmony to any man. It surrounds its owner with incredible warmth, despite the fact that lemon, pink pepper and mint are collected in the top notes.

The unique combination of pine, geranium and cardamom in the heart of the fragrance gives a special nobility to the sound. Acumen Ambre is the fragrance of a winner, a man confidently going to his goal, a man doomed to be successful.

Gourmet notes of tonka beans, surrounded by tart moss, vetiver and dry wood create a flawless final chord and a special aftertaste.

Opening notes

Lemon, Pink pepper, Mint

Heart notes

Cardamom, Pine tree, Geranium

Plume notes

Tonka beans, Moss, Dry wood, Vetiver
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