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Volume: 100 ml.
Family: Wood wine glasses

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Risk and success have a unique flavor. Slightly intoxicating, slightly bitter and, of course, very attractive. With a taste of a successful deal, a big win or extremely high speed. Without a doubt, this fragrance is Acumen Saphir perfume water.

A tart, passionate and surprisingly deep perfume cocktail is created for purposeful and confident men. The fragrance is based on catchy notes of pineapple and wormwood, which are set off by an unusual combination of lavender and saffron. The sharpness of the composition is set by ginger and black pepper, slightly softened in the base notes by the aroma of coconut.

Incredibly attractive perfume becomes in the train, thanks to the combination of cedar, vanilla and white musk. Acumen Saphir is the very fragrance that will add determination, courage and irresistibility to every man!

Opening notes

Pineapple, Wormwood, Lavender, Sage

Heart notes

Black pepper, Ginger, Coconut

Plume notes

Cedar, Vanilla, Musk
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