Aqua di Laguna Perfume water

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Volume: 100 ml.
Family: Floral watermarks

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Storm warning! A mint wave envelops and transports you into an open ocean of thrills. And now you are no longer a city dweller, but a forest nymph, a tropical siren. Your place is there, in a secluded lagoon, where the sun is bright, the salty ocean of incredible strength and warm sand tickling your fingers.

Aqua di Laguna is a fragrance of reincarnation, moist, tropical, with bright colors, fancifully opening on the skin. Romantic and sparkling at the same time, this scent is ideal for a sultry day or a summer evening. Laid-back and bright, it organically combines natural elements and the noise of the city, creating a comfortable space.

The tenderness of the smell logically ends with cedar spice and sugar. You will feel a bright touch of freshness and want to completely dissolve into the world of Aqua di Laguna.

Opening notes

Lemon, Mint

Heart notes

Jasmine, Pion, Pink pepper

Plume notes

Cedar, Labdanum, Sugar
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