Blue Ray Eau de Toilette

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Volume: 100 ml.
Family: Oriental wine glasses

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Outdoor terrace of the coastal cafe. The rays of the sun penetrate the blue water, spraying luminous highlights. Guitar sounds are heard, passionate and romantic. There is a mysterious and imperturbable man behind the bar. An elegant suit, a perfectly matched tie, a stylish watch – his appearance is impeccable.

It is impossible to say “no” to such a man. Its fragrance fully corresponds to the character – bold, bright and seductive. The combination of mint and black currant gives an amazing cocktail of freshness and coolness, mixed with the sweetness of melon and the tartness of bergamot.

The chords of cappuccino, nutmeg, green apple, cardamom and sea water add sensuality and sexuality. This effect is harmoniously complemented by the deep aroma of amber and spicy woody notes.

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