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Volume: 100 ml.
Family: Wood water

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He does not stop for a minute and is ready to share his energy with the whole world. He is courageous, successful in business and courteous with women. He is the one who will guess your desires without words and make them a reality.

The ideal man who starts his day with a sip of freshly brewed strong coffee and VIVAT fragrance. Fresh grapefruit, the exciting smell of the sea and sweet tangerine – this amazing combination invigorates and energizes. It finds continuation in the warm and burning notes of jasmine and laurel – this is the heart of the composition, which gives self-confidence.

Woody notes of moss and guaiac wood, sensual chords of patchouli and a musky trail of ambergris are the final elements of the bouquet. This is a fragrance for a real hero of our time, who is ready for exploits every day.

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