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Volume: 75 ml.
Family: Fougere

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COLD FOUGÈRE is a fresh natural composition for stylish and independent men. The cool, invigorating fragrance is designed to emphasize the tireless energy of its owner – the eternal seeker and creator. Rebelliousness and sophistication, strength and romance – all this is COLD FOUGÈRE.

A surprisingly light perfume cocktail opens with a transparent, sharp-crystal citrus bouquet with herbaceous chords of geranium and lavender. At the heart of the perfume pyramid are restrained, without cloying floral notes of magnolia, heliotrope and the refined sound of roses and gardenias.

The base of the fragrance reveals resinous patchouli, stringy sandalwood and muted musk, and expressive amber gives the composition incredible seductiveness. The alluring train is complemented by balsamic surrounded by moss and vetiver.

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