Perfume water Desert Rain

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Volume: 75 ml.
Family: Fougere

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Explosive energy, courage and freedom are enclosed in a laconic bottle of DÉSERT RAIN. A dizzying fragrance on the verge of audacity and impudence is a kind of ode to the rebellious spirit and rebellious youth, the embodiment of brightness and determination.

The intoxicating initial notes of pear, hemp and ginger will open with cool freshness. The sound continues unobtrusively-bitter chords of geranium and sage, giving the fragrance mystery and uniqueness.

The composition is completed by warm and tart notes of musk and leather. Sensual and energetic, the fragrance of DÉSERT RAIN will add brutality to the image of men of any age.

Opening notes

Pear, Ginger

Heart notes

Geranium, Sage

Plume notes

Musk, Skin

Pleasant, soft, moderately sweet. As such, I don’t hear the skin in it, it is very well hidden.
PT. 07.01.2023

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