Winter envelops the world with its crystal cover, creating a magical atmosphere of winter mood. Dew drops turn into icy diamonds on the branches of trees, shimmering under the warm rays of the winter sun, like mysterious mirages arising from the gentle heavenly radiance.

Sparkling Mood opens with juicy notes of lychee and mandarin, reminding of the freshness of the first snow that falls in light fluffs to the ground. Cherry liqueur adds warmth and a little sweetness, like a sip of mulled wine that warms you on winter evenings.
Iris and peony penetrate into the heart of the fragrance, emphasizing their mystery and sophistication, and bitter almonds add unique depth and charm, like ice patterns on glass that create unique drawings.
Warm vanilla and charming woody chords remain on the skin like a fabulous trail while walking through the snowfields, leaving behind a feeling of sophistication and incredible attractiveness.

Sparkling Mood creates a magical holiday mood and turns ordinary moments into a fabulous journey to the land of New Year’s wonders. It inspires and enchants, creating the perfect combination between frost and warmth. Sparkling Mood from the Limited Edition Winter collection will be the perfect gift for special moments and winter evenings, and will bring joy and delight to its owner.