Perfume #5 Flower Overdose

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Volume: 50 ml.
Family: Floral fruit

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Flower Overdose is a floral extravaganza, exciting from the first motif. Lemon-orange notes of bergamot with herbaceous bitterness are intertwined with the sweet scents of blooming peach.

The fragrance opens with notes of waxy jasmine, slightly sour and tart peony, as well as orange tree. The final chord is brought by a combination of the herbaceous scent of moss and earthy, spicy musk.

Dive into the flowery sea with your head to feel boundless happiness and make others look after you!

Opening notes

Bergamot, Peach

Heart notes

Jasmine, Pion, Orange Blossoms

Plume notes

Moss, White musk
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