Perfume #3 Pink Pepper

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Volume: 50 ml.
Family: Floral fruit

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Celebrate every day of your life together with the delicious Pink Pepper fragrance!

The sweet spicy overtones of the orchid gently merge with the notes of exquisite apricot and dry champagne. The spicy aroma of black pepper adds depth and versatility to the perfume, and mahogany combined with whipped cream gives a sweet-tart accent.

When it seems that nothing can surprise you anymore — the notes of woody, sweet-spicy sandalwood sound in the final chord. Merging together, perfume shades allow you to embody the image of the whole world in one bottle.

5 stars, highly recommended for connoisseurs, something special.
Valeria. Grodno. 27.11.2022

I fell in love with this fragrance in the store. I thought for a long time, I left.
But the next day I came back and bought it. Super fragrance
Olga. 23.02.2023

It is a very pleasant composition. Light, airy, the notes unfold according to the description. Thank you, Dilis!
Natalya. 05.11.2023

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