Perfume #1 Amber Rouge

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Volume: 50 ml.
Family: Oriental floral

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From the combination of woody motifs, the sweet smell of flowers and natural forest notes, he is born, the magnificent Amber Rouge. Bold, non-trivial and extremely bright fragrance does not tolerate compromises. His power is either accepted and submitted to it, or rejected and does not tolerate His presence.

The basis of the perfume sound is a deep, penetrating aroma of jasmine, which is very harmoniously intertwined with notes of saffron — warm, fresh, spicy.

Ambergris adds a little amber notes that accentuate the resinous shades of the perfume. The final touch is the smells of the forest — cedar and spruce wood.

Opening notes

Saffron, Jasmine

Heart notes

Amberwood, Grey amber

Plume notes

Cedar, Spruce resin

I bought perfume in Minsk for my mother's doctor. I really liked it. I recommend it!
Maria. Minsk. 12.04.2022

I have been using the Dilis brand for a long time. I was very pleased with the new line, there are so many flavors at once. So far I have purchased #1 Amber Rouge for comparison with old perfumes. To be honest, I didn't regret it.
Victoria. Minsk district. 19.06.2022

I want to express my sincere words of gratitude to the Dilis brand. Two years ago, a friend gave me a perfume of this brand, I still buy these products for myself. I really liked the new line. Thanks.
Eugenia. Brest. 24.10.2022

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