Perfume #2 Wild Water

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Volume: 50 ml.
Family: Wood wine glasses

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The water rushes forward rapidly, breaks off and falls to the bottom of deep gorges. Her insubordination and lack of control are reflected in the fragrance of Wild Water.

Resinous-smoky notes of juniper are intertwined with herbaceous bergamot with a slight bitterness, as well as spicy black pepper.

They are echoed by the smells of coniferous forest, a lovely bouquet of irises, as well as black currant buds that have not yet blossomed. The final chord is sweet-salty notes of amber and bitterness of vanilla.

The day before yesterday I bought Vitebsk in a Mile for 69.99. A gorgeous fragrance.
Svetlana Andreeva. Vitebsk. 01.12.2022

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