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Volume: 100 ml.
Family: Wood water

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A thoughtful look, soft colors in clothes, a cold smile. He attracts women’s eyes, but does not waste himself on everyone. He is ready for adventure, boldly goes forward and is not afraid to take risks.

His style is an elegant suit of a “metallic” shade, impeccable shoes and the Atlantica Mercury fragrance, as independent as its owner. A light woody-herbal accent of bamboo, floral notes of clementine and freshness of bergamot – in this halo lies a pleasant coolness and confidence.

The composition is revealed in a restrained and slightly mysterious combination of cypress, osmanthus and blue wine glass. And the final chords are played by an orchestra of musk, red cedar and tonka beans, which adds a sharp peppercorn and a little irony to the character. This fragrance is created for a man who knows exactly how to win a girl.

Opening notes

Bergamot, Clementine, Bamboo

Heart notes

Wine glass, Cypress, Osmanthus

Plume notes

Tonka beans, Cedar, Musk
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