Atlantica Odyssey Eau de toilette

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Volume: 100 ml.
Family: Wood wine glasses

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Embark on a journey! Take a chance to change your life and arrange an incredible odyssey to the places you’ve always wanted to visit. Let the Atlantica odyssey fragrance inspire you, cool, deep, with a spicy sharpness, it is harmonious and fresh.

Nutmeg, ginger and sandalwood are the opening notes of the composition, warm, tart and masculine. They are replaced by transparent and fresh heart notes, among which there are mint, subtle notes of jasmine and juicy sour grapefruit. It is such a grapefruit that can be plucked from a tree in the southern countries through which your path lies.

A harmonious train consisting of notes of incense and pink pepper, although not so sharp, but still alluringly sharp and very sensual, perfectly completes the fragrance.

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