ATLANTICA Taboo Eau de toilette

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Volume: 100 ml.
Family: Woody spicy

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Improvisation on the theme of chic. Taboo is a cigar room in a closed club where successful men enjoy expensive alcohol, discuss politics and smoke cigars. There is something forbidden and alluring about him, something truly masculine and elitist. The fragrance is complex, tart and passionate.

He needs a real masculine character, a well-ironed white shirt and, perhaps, a two-day stubble. The fragrance is honest and assertive for a man who has a clear goal in life and is actively moving towards it. Social taboos are nothing to him, just a reason for a grin.

The combination of bitter citrus and woody notes is a classic of men’s perfumes, and leather notes and rose chords are a modern reading. Taboo from the Atlantica men’s series is alien to any prohibitions, it acts magnetically on the opposite sex, revealing a simple truth: there are no taboos in love!

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